Monday, August 8, 2011

The Story in Five Acts (Or, The Obligatory First Post)

For those of you who have not been following the happenings of my post-college life and are currently wondering how I ended up with a one-way ticket to Germany (or perhaps you just need a refresher, it’s been a hell of a ride), I have decided to give you all the important details Shakespeare-style. Please see my (brief) five-act play below. J

Act I
Scene I:
Christina graduates from college. She is the class speaker, has finished her bachelor’s degree in 3 ½ years and receives highest academic honors.
Scene II: Christina is accepted to graduate school and is feeling pretty invincible.
Scene III: Christina moves back in with her parents and begins to have serious doubts about where her life is going and whether or not she wants to continue to graduate school.
Scene IV: At 2AM on a cold February night, after weeks of agonizing, Christina decides not to go to graduate school.
Scene V: Christina no longer has a plan.

Act II:
Scene I:
Christina, heartbroken over her fall from the proverbial high horse, stops getting dressed and spends all day applying for jobs for which she is either vastly over-qualified or pitifully under-qualified.
Scene II: After 8 weeks of searching Christina finally lands a job. Joy ensues.
Scene III: Joy stops ensuing when Christina realizes that her new job sucks. A lot.
Scene IV: Christina’s new job slowly drains the life out of her.
Scene V: Christina realizes that she is much too young to be so bitter and begins applying for new jobs.

Act III:
Scene I: Christina applies for AmeriCorps VISTA (a federally funded national service program often referred to as the domestic version of the Peace Corps).
Scene II: Christina accepts a VISTA position in St. Paul, MN and spends a year working hard, learning lots and generally enjoying herself immensely.
Scene III: Christina’s year of service begins to wind down and her travel bug kicks in like nobody’s business.
Scene IV: Christina applies to, and is accepted at a British university offering a master’s program that is right up her alley. Christina is joyous.
Scene V: Financial aid falls through. Christina’s butt has officially been kicked by higher education systems on two continents. Christina decides that advanced degrees are not for the weak at heart.

Act IV:
Scene I: Christina is in a pickle.
Scene II: Wanderlust takes over once again and Christina, who has been studying German for the last year, decides to improve her language skills.
Scene III: Christina, who loves children almost as much as she loves travel, decides to become an au pair (nanny) in Germany.
Scene IV: Christina applies to an au pair agency, is accepted and is placed with a family just outside Hamburg.
Scene V:
Christina buys a one-way ticket, packs her bags and starts a blog. She will leave for Germany on August 18, 2011.

Act V:
Currently Unwritten—but stay tuned.


  1. The alternate title is my preferred :) glad to be able to read! Enjoy your travels love.

  2. Love this. Love you. Love your life.

  3. I love this!!! Such a cute first post! I can't wait to see what this year has in store for us! :)

  4. our resident writer. I will be sending lacey underthings again as it was too funny to read about the first time! How do I post a name? would only let me be anonymous

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone-- I will try to do enough crazy stuff to live up to expectations ;)

    Aunt Julie (at least I pray it's Aunt Julie... otherwise some stranger wants to send me underwear), if you have an account through Google, etc. you can simply post anonymously and just sign your name at the bottom of the comment, if that would be easier.

  6. I rather like the edge anonymous gives me :-)

    Here's to travel galore, fabulous writing material (it just seems to happen for you), hot foreign men, German beer, and safe travels!!!!!

  7. Glad to hear you made it! I miss you in the office!! :).. keep me posted love this blog!
    Sylvia (AKA Anonymous II)

  8. Hi! I came across your blog a few months ago and I really like it! I am in the process of applying through Au Pair Care and would love to hear about your experiences! I found your blog through their website so, if you have time, here is my blog! I look forward to hearing from you!